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After some struggling...

    • AJSK
      Joined: 23.05.2009 Posts: 58
      WARNING: Following post is tl;dr. Tl;dr version at the bottom.

      Well, I've been with PokerStrategy for a while now, and cash-wise I've been on a breakeven spree.

      I originally started off at PartyPoker and I started off with NL10 SSS, only to be greeted by at least half the table on a shortstack (albeit not necessarily playing SSS however). Regardless, I pressed on, and for a while, I was doing well until variance and probably poor play on my part brought me back to where I started. I tilted, lost half of the remaining bankroll, took a break and decided to try BSS on NL2. (I did touch FL at this point, but there simply wasn't enough players for me to be interested.)

      With some intense 18 tabling (the players at these limits are THAT bad, and I'm sure many others know it), I managed to rebuild my bankroll back to its original state and then proceeded on to build it up to around $125 with a mix of FR and SS, but I decided cash games weren't what I was looking for.

      What brought me to poker first was the WSOP, and while SnGs can never quite match the power of the largest poker tournament in the world, I still felt like it was the rush I was looking for. My heart fell when I saw the blind levels and the rake for Party; 5 min blinds along with 20% rake (20%? or is it considered 33% when it is 2.40 + 60). But nevertheless, I plodded on, and once again, after a short good run, I fell back down to my starting bankroll. I eventually got frustrated and withdrew what was left and decided to move back to PokerStars.

      I made an account on PokerStars only a few months before I came across PokerStrategy, so it was unfortunate that I can't get the account tracked. It was holding me off from moving my bankroll over for quite a while, but I decided that it was more important that I enjoy what I was doing, and PokerStars was best for that. I did consider other poker sites but I decided to save their first deposit bonuses for when I hopefully rebuilt and grew my bankroll.

      I deposited $25, started playing 25c 45 and 90 man tourneys (mixed in some DoNs and MTTs for fun) and saw the benefits right away with a nice combination of extremely fishy opponents and a heater, ITM 1 out of 3 tournaments, with nearly half of them being in the top 4, hitting a ROI of around 200% over 36 tournaments. With this, I felt around 40BI was enough for me to try $1.00 + 0.20 STT SnGs.

      For a short time, breakeven and that is to be expected with SnG's variance. Still, I couldn't help but feel the opponents here were SO fishy that I should be doing better. I went over what I could be doing wrong and found a major leak.

      Plugging it gave me another major heater, hitting ITM 15 out of 20 SnGs, which has placed me currently 7th on the Mercury Low Orbit leaderboard for the Battle of the Planets. Now, it is early in the week, so I expect to drop down to around the top 30 based on the previous week's leaderboard, but another 20BIs at the end of the week is not something I'm disappointed about.

      My PokerStars run began around 3 weeks ago, currently sitting at around $75 and right now it's looking like it's only uphill from here, but I have my previous experiences to remind me that it only takes a small mistake for me to fall back down to the ground. So, from now I can look forward optimistically and cautiously, to hopefully build my bankroll higher than it has ever been before but above all, improve my poker abilities.



      Breakeven for months on various games, moved roll from Party to Stars, tripled starting bankroll of $25 with SnGs and MTTs and placing on Low Orbit Mercury leaderboard for Battle of the Planets.
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