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    • DannyG13
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      Hi, after recieving my starting capital (thanks again PS :D ) on Titan and coming 6th in an MTT (cashing for $299), i've decided to make a deposit on PokerStars and try and make some cash playing the 9 man SnG's on there. This has always been my favourite format, and feel when I keep my patience and play my game, with thanks to the articles on here, I usually do quite well.

      I've only made a small deposit, and will stick to the mere $1 SnG's until my bankroll allows me to move up; which I hope won't be too long. Played a few tonight, and done okay despite not getting the best of luck with cards. According to SharkScope, current Av. ROI is 39%, is this any good?

      Was basically wondering, is there any software (preferably free, I am a student after all :P ) that are useful for SnG's, things that could help me track players or help me work out odds quicker than I can in my head while multitabling, that sorta thing.

      Any other hints, tips and advice you could give as well would be great (remember, it's the 9 man ones i'll be focussing on mainly) :) .

      Thanks in advance,

      - DannyG13
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    • Menschdefekt
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      Pokerstars has banned most programs that let you look up players stats and such.
    • Nazzor
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      Hey DannyG13,

      ROI of 39% is more than good, but "Played a few tonight" doesn't imply you have a lot of hands under that ROI. Just stick to your playing, and see how ROI changes.

      On micro stakes if you're really good player you can manage ROI of 20% (plus/minus), but as you climb up the stakes good ROI is 5%.

      So anything positive is good, just try to increase the volume of your playing.


      Free ones are, SNGEGT, ICM Calculator, PokerStove, Popopop Universal Replayer and AHK scripts (multitabling)

      When you get cash you can get some of the better ones, including: SNGWizard, SNG Power Tools, Poker Tracker and Hold'em Manager.

      Hope it helps,