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Poker blogging its the future

    • mjkirwan1980
      Joined: 01.05.2008 Posts: 50
      Hey guys,

      Figured its about time I started a poker blog. I figured that the anonymity provided by reading other peoples blogs but not contributing just tends to hide your own personal mistakes however if I have to actively publish my own errors it might make me think twice about doing them again :)

      I equate holdem manager to watching an embarassing wedding video of yourself dancing whilst drunk. Except if you are actively trying to educate yourself in poker you can reduce your will always get drunk at weddings and do a stupid dance.

      Also its always good to hear someone else's take on what you think as it can offer a fresh view.

      So a little bit about me....

      I'm 29 and I work for an online poker company in Gibraltar as a business and marketing analyst which is great. I spend all day analysing trends in our businesses activity and trying to come up with new promotions to keep all you fishes and sharks happy. Outside of work I try to play as much poker as I can (or my girlfriend will allow) as well as watching sport of almost any type but my fav's are basketball (NBA) and MMA (I realise to the uneducated eye this looks like 2 gay guys touching each other up but honestly when you get into it it's a lot more interesting).

      Regarding my poker experience, I have been playing on and off for about 4 years but started taking it a little bit more seriously about 18 months ago.

      It's still a hobby for me but I'm pretty competitive and as its something i enjoy i am now trying to get better.

      I play BSS FR NL50-NL100 at the minute I'm sure there are a few leaks in my game but thats what I aim to remove over the next 12 months or so with your help :) I have also dabbled in SSS a few times which although i was labelled a 'dirty short stacker' at work I quite enjoyed it.

      I have a small roll in FTP but have been mainly playing on 888 over the last month or so due to the PS second chance bonus and the amount of :f_confused: on their site. I know the software is probably the worst out there but im kind of enjoying having a positive win rate rather than a marginal one + rakeback (I'm feeling a lot less like a bonus whore)

      Anyways enough about me. Message me if you want or alternatively I will email a progress update next time I get a chance.

      Would be really grateful of some advice on targets I could possibly set of my major problems is discipline (not in the tilt sense) more in the trying to force myself to stick to things.


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    • mjkirwan1980
      Joined: 01.05.2008 Posts: 50
      Right I need some advice....

      I want to set myself some poker goals but I'm not really sure where to start. Currently playing about 10k hands a month 4tabling on FR NL100 BSS . My online bankroll is about $1400.

      Now i know my bankroll is very small to be playing NL100 BSS however I do have more money in the bank that I could deposit if I went on a major downswing.

      So should I be setting goals relating to:
      1.Playing more tables at once
      2.Hands per month
      3.Win rate (bb/100)
      4.$ amount per month

      Please let me know what you find motivates you best as this is an area I struggle with.....also more than happy to hear criticism of my BMR.....maybe I need a kick and should be playing NL50 instead?? Just find it harder to motivate myself at that level and the play on 888 is so bad it seems a shame not to take advantage.

    • vladd20
      Joined: 22.10.2008 Posts: 3,735
      if you feel like playing nl100 with 14 buyins it s ok if you re willing to accept that you could bust your hole br and that s never a good feeling if you have money to deposit it wouldn't be a problem as long as you know what you re doing,also you should consider that you could play scared money when coming down to 400 or so and make mistakes, i think it s better to play nl 50 and take shots at nl 100 when you feel the tables are really good