Starting 50% capital

    • dominictw
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      I have a problem with the 50$ starting capital: After i passed the quiz, i chose Pokerstars, i have created an account, but for some reasons the money transfer was denied by Pokerstars. After that i have created an account on Full Tilt Poker, and now, pokerstrategy told me that the account i have created is not linked with PokerStrategy, even if i have followed the steps decribed by pokerstrategy staff.
      You should perhaps tell me:"Hey moron, we will not give you any money, so stop trying!"
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi dominictw,

      Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing difficulties, however if your account isn't fully tracked then it is impossible to provide the starting capital to that account and all of the other benefits that membership of PokerStrategy brings.

      Unfortunately as duplicate/2nd accounts on poker platforms are not allowed, you will need to choose another different platform where you haven't played before.
      Please ensure that you follow the download instructions and enter PokerStrategy codes where stated to ensure that your next account is fully tracked.

      Good luck & best regards,