• winiwin
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      Hello im thinking of transferring my bankroll to party poker for the bonuses and rakeback.

      Does this site offer rakeback to party poker? if so how do i set it up and what percent do it get?

      Also which is the best bonus for me to clear there? i will be depositing atleast 100Dollas.

      Thanks Austin
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    • flopraiser
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      Party Poker doesn't offer rake back, it does how ever offer bonuses that you can buy with your party points (FPP). If your looking for the epuivilent of 30% rakeback that some sites offer you would need to be playing in the palladium lounge (9000 party points a quarter to earn status) and then 20000 party points to buy a $3000 bonus. All in all I think you would be better depositting somewhere else that does offer rakeback. Need to be a mid to high stakes player on party to get the equivilent of 30% rakeback.

      Hope this answers your question.