Few Questions about betfair

    • FineWork
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      Im planing to deposit on betfair and want to know few things.

      1.Do I get betfair points for sportsbetting
      2.If I do get points for sportsbook do they count toward cleaning my first deposit poker bonus.
      3.Can i play poker and bet at the same time without needing to transfer money from poker to sportsbook(just like partypoker u can play poker/bet at the same time).
      4.Are they pain in the ass like ogame,ipoker with security checks and delaying withdrawals for weeks or its pretty fast like stars/ftp.
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    • Abhorrence
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      Seems like this forum is pretty dead I too am wondering the same things you are. If you do go head and deposit anyway, let me know how it goes. Along with how the traffic is.
    • dedrees
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      I've got a question as well.
      I had some money on betfair, then I had SOO many lost flips that i was fed up with it and tilted for the last 13 dollars. But meanwhile I've made over 400 points which equals 10 bonus dollars, right?
      When is it paid out?
      I dislike Betfair for its unclear bonus system. No support either I guess. ( And above all for all the bad luck)
      Although I hope to receive 10 dollars.

      BTW: When is rakeback paid out?