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Suggestion for PLO microlimits

    • gummi1
      Joined: 01.04.2008 Posts: 2,291
      Hi, I'm Italian my name is Gummy.
      This is the first time i write here, but I'have already post a lot of hands.
      Now I'm playing SH because i prefer it but my style seems to be very similar to NLH.
      Too mutch tight and too mutch aggressive as you can see on my PTR gummyintilt.
      What do you suggest to improve my game? Is a mistake be too mutch TAG at microlimits?
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    • SallaMC
      Joined: 20.09.2007 Posts: 721
      Hi there,
      I am playing PLO10-50, mostly 25 though. From my experience, I would say that tight is right at the beginning. Wait for the really good hands like 9high rundowns and better, high double suited pocket pairs and maybe hands like 899Tds. After you played the first 10-15K hands and have some idea how the hands are played postflop, you can start to play a broader range. I started with a 14/7 style I guess, now I am playing something like 23/14, sometimes even more aggressive, if the table asks for it. I have played more than 80K hands though, to get to the point were I can play this style. If you want to get experience, you can even play a limit that is below your bankroll. A friend of mine played 4 tables PLO2 today, even though he could easily play PLO10 maybe even higher. There is no shame in that at all. Sometimes it is the best approach for the game.
      I was writing some more guidance for PLO in another thread in this forum. Just look around and you will find mine, but also many other peoples helpfull suggestions already written down for you.
      Good luck at the tables.
      Cheers, Sebastian
    • gummi1
      Joined: 01.04.2008 Posts: 2,291
      Now i made a level up with 30 buy-in. I think the level is the same but i produce more rake.
      I play 4 table 6 max because i have the possibility to see mutch more flop and learn.
      can you link my your threads.
      My post flop game at this leve is really simple: pot pot pot pot
    • Jeero
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 114
      I would definately agree that it's better to play tight preflop in the beginning. It's always easier to play good hands post flop. I actually haven't read any good article on PLO stats. There is a lot of information about stats in holdem, but there doesn't seem to be so much in PLO.

      I think good players tend to play very loose preflop in PLO because they have very good post flop play. So, I would say that you have to be very comfortable in your post flop play if you want to loosen up your preflop play. Getting good at post flop play is tricky though imo.