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Crushed when moving up a level on full tilt

    • scar13567
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 57
      Hello everyone
      I haven't posted in a looooong time, but Ive always used this site to check up on hands and read psychology articles.
      Anyways, for a long time i have been unsuccessful with poker, and i know its because Ive never really given anything the variance to pan out. I know its a sick game, and you need lots and lots and lots of hands to have skill be the deciding factor.
      2 1/2 weeks ago, partly due to stuff Ive learned around here, i decided an ideal plan was to hit 18 person turbos, playing them 9 at a time, and trying to get in at least 6 full sessions everyday. I feel they are a solid tournament, and running well in one makes up for crappy luck in as many as 6 others.
      I started playing the 6.50 turbos, investing 117 dollars with plans to invest as much as it took, up to 60 total buy ins or so. Right away I got hot, and long story short 1 1/2 weeks later i was up 700 dollars.
      With 800 on the site I decided the time was right to move up to the 12 dollar limit. Literally the first session i moved up, any reasonable luck turned on me.
      I literally lost every situation and coin flip i got into, but fine. I'm not expecting to never downswing.
      This has continued in the week or so since i started playing the 12s. I am not exaggerating and would be happy to hook up a tracker for 10 or however many sessions to show this. I am only down 10 buy ins overall on this, but I really need some advice.
      Is this kind of swinging normal? In my last session I got into approx 30 coin flip situations, and lost 26 of them. As well as losing with QQ to JJ, AA to KK, running into aces constantly.
      This kind of swinging, with AA losing constantly and the 85% of coin flips being lost, has happened consistently over every session of 12s i have played. Even in winning sessions, there are 4 or 5 situations where i am WAY ahead and lose.
      I really don't know what else to type. I am trying to approach this with logic, i am playing lots of volume even though I'm taking constant beats, trying to not let tilt effect my play and such.
      Anyways, what I am really looking for is advice here. When you pour your heart and soul into a poker plan, consistently get your money in ahead and still get run over consistently, how do you keep going? What should i do?
      Thanks for reading this mess anyone, and any advice will be taken gratefully and with an open mind.

      PS- I have done 22 sessions, so 198 tournaments, at the 12 dollar limit. Around 250 tournaments at 6.50 level, or a little more.
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    • RahXephon1
      Joined: 14.04.2009 Posts: 972
      I'm in a similar situation and thing is that you just need to stay focused and play your A game. If the results are getting on your game you need to take a break, otherwise just grind and move down if bankroll requires it.

      Anywas the variant of poker you play is surely incredibly swingy so you need good nerves and solid BRM to play it.

    • scar13567
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 57
      so basically, just keep hammering away?
    • Abhorrence
      Joined: 13.11.2009 Posts: 150
      Yeah unfortunately that's all you can do. Just keep at it. Maybe take a couple days break from poker. And come back with a fresh attitude about the whole thing. It usually works for me.
    • Tim64
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 8,028
      Consider investing in some tracking software, If you don't already have some. It can't change the bad beats, but it can give you peace of mind that you're getting your money in good and that, with time, your luck will change.

      I play SnGs - 9 man - and am 'enjoying' a 25 Buyin downswing ($600) at the moment, after having hit ridiculously good form a couple of weeks before.

      The more opponents in your game, the more swingy it can be and the deeper your bankroll needs to be. So I would think 10BI is a tiny swing. You need to really ask yourself if you're willing to sit out 20-30BI swings (or even more). It can be depressing and you shouldn't underestimate how cold and rational you have to be to get through them.

      Given this, I wouldn't be playing 18 man $12 trnys with much less than 100BI, if I were you.

      Good luck!
    • scar13567
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 57
      thanks for the responses everyone. I don't want to hear that i have to keep just grinding, but when i run like a nightmare and still am down only 10 buy ins, it kinda shows me that the storm may eventually pass

      Tim- for the 9 man sngs, i find them unbeatable at both the 6.50 and 12 dollar level. how do you do it? I would love to switch to them if possible, as they run 24/7 and the 18persons only run about 8 hours a day, and slow at that. Are the strategies different enough to not be able to grind 18 persons for a period and 9 persons for a period every day?
    • mishkagg
      Joined: 29.07.2008 Posts: 1,354
      Originally posted by scar13567
      for the 9 man sngs, i find them unbeatable at both the 6.50 and 12 dollar level. how do you do it?
      Tight in the early phases and ICM trainer results of at least 92% is a good start.
    • vladd20
      Joined: 22.10.2008 Posts: 3,735
      so you think 400 sngs are a lot? lmao i played 500 sngs break even with starting 20 buy in downswing and after that i won in 200 sngs what i should and restored my roi to 17 percent what it was before the downsing ... and i played 6500 sngs lifetime...there are phases in wich you can t do anything anyway i dont try to discourage you....but after 400 sng you could be a loosing player and still your game as much as you can and try not to whine about downsings as they will come over and over again but...the better you get and the better you are than your opponents the smaller the good luck and succes as well...For example i m now playing 3,40$ sngs on pstars builiding a roll and i have 500 played with roi of 34 percent.... so at this sample size the roi can t be real i think unless i m like a superplayer...