NL25 SSS. BadBeat Jackpot?

    • trent86
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      I am playing SSS at NL25 on PartyPoker.

      Do i play on the BadBeat Jackpot tables?

      If so, do i only play them? or just mix them in with normal ones?

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated :)
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    • arisko
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      I don't think you should even play bad beat jackpot. Since most of the time that you get quads, it will be JJ+, it's hardly likely that someone will beat you. Plus the rake is higher, and SSS players pay a lot of rake, so you lose in the long run. That's what I think at least
    • Smileyphil
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      Yeah the extra rake destroys your winrate. I wouldn't recommend it.
    • wowadvisor
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      Hi, It is only sometimes +ev ....

      The below table was created by a dutch coach and great sss player : GERV , he calculated if its +ev to play on badbeatjackpot (bbj) tables to play! Good luck

      The money on the right hand means the size of the badbeat jackpot at that moment. (the higher the more fish)

      BBJ Level Required for +EV: Level Limit ____Full _____ Short Handed
      $0.10-$0.25 NL_____________________$275,000 ___ $263,000
      $0.25-$0.50 NL_____________________$330,000 ___ $328,000
      $0.50-$1.00 NL_____________________$331,000 ___ $349,000
      $1-$2 NL__________________________$317,000 ___ $337,000
      $2-$4 NL__________________________$322,000 ___ $307,000
      $3-$6 NL__________________________$310,000 ___ $295,000

      $0.50-$1 Limit_____$375,000 - $377,000
      $1-$2 Limit_______$323,000 - $316,000
      $2-$4 Limit_______$324,000 - $314,000
      $3-$6 Limit_______$325,000 - $314,000
      $5-$10 Limit______$321,000 - $328,000
      $10-$20 Limit_____$324,000 - $327,000
      $15-$30 Limit_____$341,000 - $338,000
    • trent86
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      Thanks for that post wowadvisor.

      I guess i will stick to non BBJ tables then.
    • delete461
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      I just play on any tables, I dont take note if they are jackpot tables or not - the extra rake drops your winrate but on nl25 i find that is more than compensated for by the number of very bad players who play there hoping to win the jackpot. I even found my winrates to be slightly higher on jackpot tables just because there are more fish.
    • Gerv
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      hihi Thanks for giving me credit but I found this through the German forums so I give the mathematicians there the full credit

      Nevertheless I trust their knowledge and calculations based on what I saw that these numbers are correct

      Have fun on the Party Poker

      - Gerv :f_thumbsup: