[NL20-NL50] 50NL SH AJo raise f/t/r?

    • Gerv
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      saw flop

      UTG ($69.55)
      MP ($20.35)

      Gerv (CO) ($58.10)
      Button ($53.80)
      SB ($192.60)
      BB ($53.50)

      Preflop: Gerv is CO with A, J
      1 fold, MP bets $1.50, Gerv calls $1.50, 3 folds

      Flop: ($3.75) 5, J, 5 (2 players)
      MP bets $1.50, Gerv calls $1.50

      Turn: ($6.75) 4 (2 players)
      MP bets $2.50, Gerv calls $2.50

      River: ($11.75) 7 (2 players)
      MP checks, Gerv checks

      Maybe 3betting preflop was an option but I don't find AJo a good hand to get it in against him by looking at his 3bet/4bet tendencies.

      I think raising Flop is better than raising Turn but I'm not sure. I think FDs will still call my raise on the Flop so if I raise it to like $6.5, I can jam the Turn?
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    • Kaitz20
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      raise flop and get all-in
      He may barrel with worse hands, but he would also shove often flop, since seems like you´re bluffing or at least is going to shove a lot of Jx hands
      don´t like shoving turn, since you´re reping flush which you don´t have and he is not folding overpairs to your shove/raise