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    • D0p3Ad1c7
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      I play NL200 live quite a bit, then this hand came up the other night

      No real reads, only about 30 min in, got lucky with a straight flush vs a full house and nut flush...

      Me (CO) ($800)
      BU ($1100)

      I get dealt AJo

      Two callers from mid, I raise to 15, button calls, blinds and the other two fold...

      Flop K :heart: Q :club: 5 :heart:

      I lead for 15, he min raises to 30, I call
      (At this point I figure he has a set, or hearts // OESD)

      Turn J :diamond:

      I check, he checks
      (Now im 90% sure he has hearts or open ended... Because the board is so draw heavy he has to bet a huge hand, in fear of getting outdrawn)

      River 6 :diamond:

      I check, he bets 100, I call...

      Is it okay to call in this spot, since any hand thats ahead of me would be betting the turn to push out draws... Or should I sit back and wait for a better spot?
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi D0p3Ad1c7!

      I would contibet more on the flop (~22) and fold against his minraise. You missed the flop and get a minraise. You only beat a bluff. Just wait for a better spot.

      Good luck at the tables!