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down - SSS

    • nazzz969
      Joined: 06.09.2008 Posts: 24
      hi im a winning player when playing at the ipoker network but everytime i try out at pokerstars or full tilt i end up losing. are the players there that much better? shud i jus stick to the ipoker network or should i continue tryin at full tilt? problem is im in asia so not much action at the times im free to play. need some help! really feeling down
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    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      I've found that Full Tilt is the softest followed by Pokerstars with Ipoker being by far and away the tightest.

      However Fulltilt/Pokerstars are both American sites and I often play at times when more American fish are online so this may be useless to you.

      Another consideration is your playstyle (if you are playing advanced SSS) if you are better at adjusting to tight players you may find one site easier to exploit than a more loose/aggressive site.

      My advice is to play wherever YOU think is fishiest. I'd simply recommend you try a few.
    • Ultifanatic
      Joined: 08.04.2008 Posts: 100
      I have actually much the same things happen between ipoker and full tilt.

      It seemed like ipoker turned a profit while full tilt had losing sessions every time.

      What I figured out was that the style of SSS was advanced enough at ipoker that other SSS'rs and regulars played tighter against me. Thus when there was a bite on m SSS hook it was most likely a fish that would call with a dominated hand, thus giving me the best % to win the hand. Also, I play ipoker early in the morning GMT or during thier happy hour times only.

      While on FTP, it seemed that when I set out a SSS hook it was fought over by multiple fish....thus not giving me very good odds to win in the multiway pot with fish that are ready to go to the river because it is fun. OR I did not play many pots due to the fish raising preflop so much that I would have call all in preflop to be in the hand, most likely in a multi way pot.

      I was finally able to analyse my FTP account throughly and adjust my SSS to become very profitable at FTP. It just meant more focus on less tables to allow for better notes, way better table selection with my regular fish, choosing my time of playing more regularily, and reading all the gold articles to employ the really advanced techniques.....which the last one helped but the first 3 things I did before readng gold and I was still able to turn my sessions around drastically.

      What limit are you playing at both sites?
    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      By far the biggest factor imo is the time of day you are playing - during the north american evening Full Tilt and Pokerstars are way more profitable than ipoker or Party, and vice versa during the european evening. I have a world clock on my desktop, I always try to play american sites in the american evening and european sites in the european evening.
    • nazzz969
      Joined: 06.09.2008 Posts: 24
      im playing NL100. i think it might be my style. when i play SSS my VPIP is abt 20? i know its way high for SSS but makes me a winning player on ipoker. shud i jus really strip down to basic SSS for FTP? i find players jus get an even better read on me then? and advanced SSS is kinda hard to understand? any place that explains it better?