[NL2-NL10] Nl5 Sh KQ

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      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is BB with Q, K.
      2 folds, CO raises to $0.15, BU calls $0.15, SB folds, Hero calls $0.10.

      Flop: ($0.47) 2, 4, Q (3 players)
      Hero bets $0.30, CO folds, BU calls $0.30.

      Turn: ($1.07) A (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.45, BU calls $0.45.

      River: ($1.97) 3 (2 players)
      Hero bets $0.35, BU calls $0.35.

      Final Pot: $2.67.
      Results follow:

      Hero shows a pair of queens(Q K).
      BU shows a pair of aces(A 6).

      BU wins with a pair of aces(A 6).

      No particular reads that could help this hand.

      I thought that I am beat at the turn but did not want to fold. If I would check he could raise with any 2 cards and making me fold best hand.

      River bet was small so that I can get cheap SD or if I get 3beted I would fold.

      Any coments?
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      I'm squeezing it preflop, KQo isn't really a hand i look forward to playing multiway out of position.

      Postflop i'm betting a bit more on both flop and turn and probably check/calling the river since diamonds missed. If you don't think he's the bluffing type, blockbetting or check/folding is fine since the A turn wasn't really a good card.

      Hope it helps.