Hello dear friends !
If you are reading my post you should be aware that you race for 2 left diamond statuses!"Why 2" ? -someone ( gifted player) will say !Because I will take the 3rd one for sure!:) I started playing poker a year and a half ago.My beginning i put in Facebook .I spent a lot of sleepless nights of reading and mastering my game and I succeed to reach 400 000 000 of chips there!One sunny day I received a message in my box -something like " You haven't updated your account soon and if you don't do that soon we will delete it -follow this link to upate"! This was a trap from hackers and they took my passoword and all my chips :( But instead of being broken and in a bad mood I decided to start a real money poker career!I invested some funds in poker rooms and started playing!One rainy day I was at home betting and check-raising on my PC :) Suddenly a player told me there is a site called "pokerstrategy.com" and If i pass a quiz there i can gain a free starting capital!The idea was amazing- free money!I read the articles connected with the quiz and on my 3rd try i did it!Until then I read any article and I keep to improve my game!
Best wishes to all!