Making a mountain out of a grain of sand.

    • gosuking
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      It isn't impossible to win a freeroll.

      Fighting with over 7,500 people for a place in the cashout.

      That is my first step.

      Turning the measly cashout into $1,000.

      That will be my second.


      Goals :
      :spade: Finish top 45 in one freeroll by Dec 20th.
      :spade: Achieve $1,000 by 2010 June.
      :spade: Learn proper bankroll management through the journey.
      :spade: NEVER GIVE UP!
      :spade: Learn to accept a bad beat and continue in the tournament, not give up and play recklessly.

      The grain of sand :
      :heart: I will try to participate in as many freerolls as possible!
      :heart: Fulltiltpoker
      :heart:P okertime
      :heart: TitanPoker
      :heart: TonyGpoker

      Hopefully i will win one of these freerolls and start my journey as soon as possible!


      Closest i ever got, ( this was fighting with 7500 people :( ).

      Was at about 3rd with 180k+ chips almost chipleader, then i tried to bluff off a guy ( he was #1 ). Turns out he had a set.

      Bye hours :(
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi gosuking,

      Welcome to the community and good luck with your blog.

      I like this challenge and wish you every success with it. Good luck buddy,

      Best regards,

    • harleytopper
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      Just deposit some bucks, before you will go crazy :s_mad:
    • Hahaownedlolz
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      haha. im actualy doing the same.

      Well i actualy cashed in the first (first real cash freeroll atleast, the top 0,01% gets a ticket in a tournament freerolls on pokerstars were really horrible) freeroll i played.

      i cashed in 7th of 4500 or so players. earning a nice $22, in the $1000 freeroll. Its a weekly freeroll at pokerstars actualy but only for dutch and belgium players.

      Well good luck, it is possible. and i've read about people earning alot in some freerolls.

      I've been struggling for almost 3 months now though, can't seem to get an upswing, only downswings. I also have a blog, and currently playing heads up SNG's.. so read it if you want ;)
    • KidPokersKid
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      You could try to grind a bankroll by taking a capital from some smaller crapper platform, one that PS doesn't offer awesome bonuses at. I told a friend about it and he googled free poker bankrolls and found some nice $19 + $180 = $199 on some iPoker client I never heard of called CelebPoker... Just a suggestion

      ps. If the supermods think its wrong feel free to remove it, though just trying to help gosuking since freerolling is kinda retarted IMO since you don't learn anything.
    • gosuking
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      Participated in about 5 freerolls yesterday. 3 from Fulltiltpoker, 1 from Titan, the other from Pokertime.

      1st FTP : 2200th+
      2nd FTP : 6000th+ ( lol yeah )
      3rd FTP :4000th+
      4th Titan : 637 ( i think )
      5th Pokertime : 423.

      I always get restless and give up... Damn it.
    • gosuking
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      Just finished an Omaha-Hi freeroll at 1500th+ place.

      Was about 120/1500+, till i got quads 6s and the panda villain got quads 10s.

      It was soooooooooooooooooo dumb. I thought he had an A side flush. . .

      Thought i was about to double up to 22K but instead lost all.


      Oh yeah about celeb poker. It's only for USA :(