A nice heater: So long and thanks for all the fish!

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      I felt like trying out a new pokerroom so I picked at random a game in Ongame network.

      Deposited $50 and did the dumb thing and went to a table with $25 max-buy in.

      Turns out I was in a table with a fish, a real fish, I mean a fish like I've never seen.

      The Game was PLO and he could do triple pf-raises with hands like J-6-2-A and generally he c-betted EACH and every pot.

      Also, each time he lost the chat filled with $$€£€@£€$@£$@€ indicating how tilted he was.

      Anyway, after doubling up I figured that I should leave. But the table was way too tasty and I had one BIG fish. He was ready to risk his entire stack on flush draws, straight draws, gutshots, whatever, he just wanted the chips in the middle.

      There were plenty of situations where he went in with the same straight draw as I did, exept that I had 2 pair. When my boat filled he started telling how unlucky he was, or if the pot went to split the chat was filled with:

      F*Ä**SDking TYPICAL$€2123@£@$£$€{!!11


      I kept on telling him things like:

      "Yeah, it was a total setup"
      "No-one could've folded there"
      "Damn, my luck is never running out is it"

      He kept on re-filling and re-filling, and soon I noticed that I had gone up to some $300 in one hour!

      The fish left, and so did I. I figured out that I didnt really beat the field, but rather just got really, really lucky @ one occasion.

      This being said I cashed out and will probably re-deposit when my financial situation gets better. Anyway, I had a great time laughing my ass off when I could call his pot sized bets with A-pair and knowing I was probably ahead! :D
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