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    • HarveyFP
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      I am new to the PS boards - although a long time player of live poker
      I could never really get going online due to time commitments, discipline and a myriad of other vices. Felt that I was a winning player live, however spewed money into games online via complete lack of BR management
      With the birth of my new Son, rather than pumping any more money into the game (taken from my Sports betting habbit) I made the call to start from bottom and move up, with the intent of taking my time to unlearn everything to date and see how far I can get until the Grind kills me.

      Micro Limit Cash games would be the death of me, so starting at Stars $1 SNG's hopefully I can move up slowly but steadily - yet still get my action fix from it.

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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi HarveyFP,

      Welcome in the community. We are here to help you the improve your skills in order to build a bankroll. I can recommend several things:
      1. Play according to the bankroll management. This is the most important point. I saw a lot of players going broke, because they didn't stick to it. ( for NL it's this one: BRM)
      2. Read all available articles.
      3. Stay active in the forum, which means: ask questions whenever you have some.
      4. Post in our hand analysis boards (Fixed-Limit / No-Limit / SNG)!
      5. Watch videos and visit coachings.

      If you really do these things, you will be a winning player who climbs up the limits.

      Good luck and best regards,