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    • karmolll
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      hi at the end of october i got a mail in witch i was informed about a Top20 promotion in nevember for romanian comunity with this structure :

      Locul 1..........500$
      Locul 2.........300$
      Locul 3......... 200$
      Locurile 4-6.......... 100$
      Locurile 7-20........ 50$

      locul means place

      I m sure i finished in 1st 10 for november not sure if 8 9 or 10 place but i didn t recive any money.... was that promotion for real?
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello karmolll,

      Please post this on the Romanian boards or contact their support as i really can't help you on the matter. Im sure the promotion was real as all PokerStrategy promotions are, but as i have no links with the Romanian community i cant help you any further.

      Good luck and best regards,