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    • overson
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      I'm trying to beat NL25 with SSS on FT and i win about 35% at showdown.
      Everytime i raise or resteal with AA everyone folds, not one call yet.
      Half the time I had QQ AJ or AQ hit the ace, so I'm down 25 bbs just from QQ.

      I think I'm playing very well, except i had about 10 agression postflop before today. I tried stealing the blinds but almost always got called and they usually hit better than me or reraised and i had to fold. One change I'm considering is rasing to 3bbs a little more often in sb and when I have KK or AA not restealing allin, maybe just their bet x3? Also I got AJ one hand, cbet, didn't hit, had to give up was at 10bb then got KK, go all in and double up to 20bb, very annoying.
      Also with AA and maybe KK could I consider cold calling a raiser at this limit?

      Any tips especially on cbets, and stealing is appreciated.
      Here's my stats:


      pre-flop vpip/pfr/steal /ag
      post-flop ag /cbet/fold-to-cbet/hands
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    • jxb1977
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      Hi overson,

      I haven't played SSS for a while but i would think stats of 13/12 pre flop are a bit loose. I would expect a good Short Stacker to have stats around the 8/8 range.

      I also haven't read the SSS articles for a while but i seem to remeber that if you have AA/KK and someone raises before you then you should shove all in. If the villain folds you still pick around 5bb's. Don't you guys move on once you have 25 or 30bb's in front of you??

      Like i said i'm no short stacker, so will be interested to hear what the experienced players think.

    • tac3znarf
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      I think you have the right stats for playing SSS TAG style so keep it up.

      About coldcalling a raise with AA/KK, you need to consider the fold to 3bet of the orginal raiser and cbet flop, if this is high (70+) then you can cold call to get value post flop otherwise if these stats are low then simply 3bet allin with premium.