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Early phase strategy question

    • enemaze
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 608
      Hi everyone
      Recently i've played several MTTs, and i either cash small or bust. I know the variance is huge and i've only been playing less than 100 so far, but still there was something i wanted to clarify.

      I know that playing a MTT to win (double up or gtfo) is the most profitable approach. And in the late stages/mid stages i constantly look for +ev 3bets, squeezes steals and resteals (to the point of sometimes being a bit reckless, but that's not my point). In the early stages i play a lot tighter, sometimes overlimping with speculative hands rather than playing them aggressively.

      I play low buyin MTTs (2$-10$), and the players are all very loose early on, so i dont really see any point in making moves, especially when the reward is so small. I also dont have any info on the players so caution is also a factor here.
      Is this approach valid? I feel that maybe because i play like that early on im missing opportunities to chip up, and i find myself constantly being short in later phases.
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    • curnow
      Joined: 10.10.2007 Posts: 1,039
      MTT all about changing gears , later levels are easier as you can steal more around bubble time & when games tighten up but early theres no right or wrong , some play very tight & try to double up on thier big hands & others play loose early

      but always play for top three places , never worry where you bust out & play within good BRM , final table is easy just getting there chipped up is the problem , with playing MTT's its the bottom line at end of year that matters & its those big wins that helps
    • spit22
      Joined: 03.11.2008 Posts: 309
      personally i find seing a lot of flops early on helps me build a healthy stack. because at those limits there are so many bad players that make their hands obvious or give you their chips just like that. After you get the big stack ~ 100bb is good :D , you have more freedom to pick your spots and if you play it right you will double up safely 70%+ and add chips from coin flipping or better with shorties.

      its crucial i think because later on most bad players are eliminated and you have more sharks at the table , who will resteal , make moves, harder to read etc. So if you get at that stage with a big stack you have the upper hand cuz you give them a reason not to tango with you if they see you as a good player. if they see you as a fish play TIGHT squared !

      i find it impossible to be short afterwards except if i play a hand bad or get very unlucky in a prflop battle

      hope this helps. also when the antes kick in , less limping, more raising but be aware of the players behind you. some will let you take all of their blinds and some will always defend !

      p.s : Unfortunately to build & maintain your big stack you need to get in marginal situations where you make the right decisions.. if you can't then don't follow this strategy