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    • EvilCelt
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      Being fairly new to online poker i think i made a bad chioce when selecting the everest poker starting capital, though i was already signed up to most of the others on offer.
      I have been trying the SSS for the past few days but keep getting crushed but idiots making strange calls, and i am struggling to adjust to them.
      Could someone piont me in the direction of some more articles to help me regroup so that i do not go broke. Another thing i am having trouble with reguarding the SSS is that the amount of others who are short stacks on tables as this decreases the amount of tables i can choose to join, which makes me regret choosing that particular site.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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    • Chippolata
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      Looking at your nickname there is no place you will ever get decents odds.

      You should Try some other place with nicks like




    • emmaislovingmitch
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      Hi Everest poker is a great site to start at i would advise signing up to there vip summit points club (its free) you earn summit points at a rate of 400% - 500% faster just as a basic member.
      They also allow you to convert summit points into real cash and obviously i save the best for last you can play for summit points and then convert them into REAL$$ or play sit and go's with them for real cash .. I had a account there and my bankroll got Very large very quick so good selection and goodluck beating them VERY VERY fishy players there :D