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cake poker is poor

    • johnboy1
      Joined: 23.07.2009 Posts: 40
      hi i got another free $50 from pokerstrategy many thanks :)

      so i joined cake poker but the problem is i can only play 5c/10c ring games
      its says when i go to join 10c/20 ring games that my bankroll mangerment wont let me warning because i will lose all of my bankroll and it wont last,

      why is this? is it just because my bankroll was a bonus?

      anyway i grinded for about 4 hours on 5c small blinds 10c big blinds ring games and got up to $80 dollars

      and i thought it should let me play a 10c/20c ring game now
      but guess what it didnt ?( what a joke

      i also wanted to play omaha high and low thats my game i really like to play
      so i tryed playing a 5c/10c and again to my amazment it wont let me play that game too even at them stakes bloody joke :(

      its says your bankroll will not allow you to play some games or stakes so that your bankroll will last longer (for fook sakes)

      its only 5c/10c on omaha but it will let me go on 5c/10c nl holdem ?
      whats the problem?

      at the end of the day its my bankroll i go on what ever game i want, play at what stake i want ,

      ive come to the conclusion that the real reason is that i can clear my bonus much faster on omaha high and low quicker, than any other game as the pots are much bigger, and i will get more points than nl holdem 5c/10 games, thats why it wont let me play that game or high stakes.

      i only earned 3 points in 4 hours play on 5c/10 what a joke ,

      so ive got about $80 in my account and im going to leave it to waste not botherd about it sorry poker strategy

      who wants it here to grinded away for pennys for hours i usally play at vc poker anyway, so i havnt got time to play silly 5c10c games to clear a bonus to keep the money ,when i can play $1/$2 and make more money at vc.

      i havnt got the time to do it or being messed about at what games i can play i am over 18 i can drink and sleep with who ever i want (if they let me lol) you are not controlling my life or game play so stick it where the sun doesnt shine cake poker,

      damm i feel better now getting that out so dont join cake poker guys

      happy christmas
      cya at the tables x
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    • Dephy
      Joined: 31.05.2009 Posts: 38
      how can you make 30dollars in 4hours in nl10? isnt that really good?
    • Ultifanatic
      Joined: 08.04.2008 Posts: 100
      I take it you did not read the How to clear 50$ + 100$ bonus guide in the beginner forum before you signed up with Cake Poker?

      Cake Poker:

      The 50$ bonus:

      The $50 will be retracted from your account if you have not generated any rake within 60 days of having received your starting capital.

      In order to protect your starting capital, you will only be able to sit down at Cake Poker tables which you should be playing at according to our bankroll management. The bankroll protection will be active
      a) as long as your Cake Poker bankroll is under $300 (or it drops under $300 again) or
      b) until you have collected 2,000 Frequent Player Points (FPP) at Cake Poker or
      c) until you have made your own first deposit.

      The 100$ bonus:

      After you have received the $50 starting capital you can start clearing the additional $100 bonus at Cake Poker.

      The bonus will be credited to your account in $10 steps for every 167 earned Frequent Player Points (FPP). You have 90 days time to clear the bonus.

      It is only with this promotion of starting capital through pokerstrategy that you are limited to proper bankroll management. So your theory of them not wanting you to get points faster is way off base....

      As for not being about to play the same limit in Omaha and Holdem....Again I take it you have not read the 1st article in the Omaha section on this site, which states. "Because the variance in Pot Limit Omaha is much higher than in Texas Hold'em, you should use a more conservative approach to bankroll management. More information about this can be found in the "Bankroll Management" article." Which the bacnkroll management article states that you should be using a 50 BI rule for Omaha at a 100 BB buy in. Thus you will not be able to play .05-.10 Omaha till you have $500 in our account( you just need $300 actually since the bankroll restrictions drop when you hit $300 in your account.

      That being said, you have a few options.

      1- Grind up the limits with the restrictions in place till you get to 2000 FPP or $300 bucks.
      2- Deposit your own money to remove the restriction.
      3- Transfer the money to my account and not play on Cake Poker.
    • Stellake
      Joined: 30.11.2009 Posts: 18
      Weird problem,weird person=weird topic.

      Sad if people take free money with no appreciation.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      i agree.. and how can you make profit at $1/$2 tables if you know nothing about bankroll management?

      If you play BSS that 5 BI's at NL10 thats horrible bankroll management. if you play SSS its still only 4 BI.

      You got very lucky you didn't bust and made profit. and then your complaining when you got that money for free in the first place.

      If you dont care about it give it to me then :) i could sure use a $80 bankroll boost.

      and im sure they dont want your points because why would they want more $$ from you ? that doesn't make any sense /sarcasm