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      Well hello fellow poker players.
      I have been playing poker for about 1 year now :f_cool:
      Recently I have found out about online poker so I tried a lot of freerolls (sitngo's) on PKR and I manage to win about 75% of the time.
      I read a lot of articles and poker books, I feel like this is really improving my game either online and live.

      What can I say about myself? hm. Well I am Nils Aelderman and I live in Belgium :)

      I have been playing live tournaments mainly with some friends.
      We also play 1 sitngo every Friday (live) wich has a 10 € entrance fee =D
      I manage to get into the money a lot, maybe this is because I play tight untill high blind levels and I rarely play out of position (except when I have a big monster hand). Playing a lot with the same people makes you able to 'read' them a bit though. So they're on to me nowadays!

      I managed to succesfully complete the quiz in 2 tries i think (could be 3).
      ermm what more can I say
      Oh yeah, my favourite hand is 6 9 (suited), it doesn't matter what kind of suit.
      I have actually NEVER lost with this hand before. Beat aces twice with it!

      So I made an account onto Pokerstars and I'll start playing as soon as I get my free 50$ deposit. And I hope to become a very good poker player in the future!

      Thank you for reading this and good luck at the poker tables.
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