Wanna Beat My Monkey Master

    • Dawidas888
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      Because I started with 500$ (125$ I paid for TwiceT coachings) and had 375$ left two months ago. I kicked asses for 10$ SnG and 20$ SnG and built my bankroll up to 1500$ in 1.5 months and I start kicking asses in NL50 HU, so I want to learn more, so I could make some crazy moves against my coach TwiceT and beat his monkey style :D I guess somnius could help me a little bit to beat my master :D someday I will, no matter whether I get coachings or not :D but I hope I will

      I am learning like crazy... oh, and I live from poker :D

      Oh, almost forgot and I REALLY LOVE my girlfriend :D

      Hope this will make me a winner
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    • harleytopper
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      This must be some kind of inside joke? Right?
    • TetraQuark
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      nop.... i believe this is his reason for getting the free coaching ^^
    • TwiceT
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      i coached so many ppl already, but i guess u are the sickest guy so far. investing such a big part of your br for private coaching when having so little clue about the game (i mean yeah, u picked a good coach :f_p: ) is a bit crazy :f_biggrin:

      however, u improved tremendously fast so far and i think u are definitely capable of moving up to 100 very soon. ofc, then u might have to grind it out a bit to have a decent br for 200 and to get a bit more experience.

      if u keep your motivation and mindset u might kick my ass soon. it might not be that easy though :f_p:
      i also know how to kick it like a monkey :f_biggrin: