2nd place

    • sismis
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      Weee, my 2nd biggest poker winnings, now my family will be able to buy some food again :D :D :D (j/k)

      #Game No : 6176860891
      ***** Hand History for Game 6176860891 *****
      NL Texas Hold'em Trny:34623329 Level:18 Blinds-Antes(10,000/20,000 -500) - Monday, July 23, 17:59:39 ET 2007
      Table $2.5k Gtd Rebuy (1103393) Table #1 (Real Money)
      Seat 8 is the button
      Total number of players : 2
      Seat 7: dinhmor ( 1,157,575 )
      Seat 8: sismis11 ( 598,925 )
      Trny:34623329 Level:18
      Blinds-Antes(10,000/20,000 -500)
      dinhmor posts ante [500]
      sismis11 posts ante [500]
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to sismis11 [ 3h 3d ]
      sismis11 is all-In [588,425]
      dinhmor calls [578,425]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ Jd, Td, 8h ]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 8s ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ Kd ]
      sismis11 shows [ 3h, 3d ]two pairs, Eights and Threes.
      dinhmor shows [ Ah, Kc ]two pairs, Kings and Eights.
      dinhmor wins 1,197,850 chips from the main pot with two pairs, Kings and Eights.
      Player sismis11 finished in 2 place and received $899.72 USD
      Player dinhmor finished in 1 place and received $1,490.50 USD
      Congratulations to player dinhmor for winning tournament $2.5k Gtd Rebuy
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    • ciRith
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      Wow nice one. :)
    • MMa7
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      Luckboxed it again :)
    • willfox
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      Nice 1 ... but all in with 33 ?? After getting so close ??
    • sismis
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      there is tiny chance of higher pair and against other cards you have small advantage. there is no way for me to play flop with such hand unless i hit a set. i dont play heads up much but normally my stratagy is if im behind in chipcount i take coinflips with decent hands and put pressure to double up, and when im ahead i play slower waiting for opponent to make mistakes or bluff at me.
    • Puschkin81
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      Congratulations sismis! Please check your emails! :D
    • sismis
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      I started playing tournaments more intensive again last week. I managed to win a ticket for party 300k gtd tournament through 11$ rebuy qualifier. I played it once before half a year ago and i finished ITM then (minimal prize). This time it started great, i doubled up 1st minute with higher full house on board with 4 cards of same color.
      I tried to continue in tight style but when blinds went bigger i was more and more card dead. I decided not to risk all-in with marginal hands in raised pots and that was pretty much every hand when i had some picture cards. I started getting some better ones again only when i was around 5 BB but i couldnt double up and only managed to steal some blinds to extend my agony.
      Anyway there were 225 players (200th place was needed for the money) left when i had to pay BB again. And there it is - KK. Im all happy since reaching ITM is so close now. One guy from late position raises to 2 BB, i know he is weak, but i only had 5 before paying the blind. Slowplaying was on my mind for 0,01 of a second but i didnt know what should i do if A hits the board. So i shove the rest of my chips in and after some thinking he calls the 3 BB reraise (his stack was 15-20) and shows A5o. Oh god, dont let stupid A5 beat me. Ofc there it is - A on flop and im kicked out.

      And now to the happier news. I played 20$ freezout on titan today. I played my A game except one time when I sucked out really bad after i called all-in on baby flop from someone who seemed to me to be a maniac. i put him on AQ/AK coz he overbet the pot 3 times but he had twopair and i hit set of 4 on turn. I admit that was terrible call :evil:
      After that i started getting some playable hands and i pushed short stacked around with it. I avoided other bigstacks with marginal hands.

      I reached final table on 4th place i think. Soon i recieved some monster hands and gained chiplead with overagressive raising and rereising so there was no need to go to showdown. I wanted to continue in that style so i raised 4 BB UTG with AKo. The guy after me reraises all-in for 3/4 of my chips. I decided to call and he shows KK. I didnt hit A (why do i never hit it in situations like that :D ). After that hand i was 6th in chipcount out of 8 players left.
      But to my luck everything went fast after that and other players were kicked out in matter of minutes (some overagressive plays) and i managed to increase my stack too.

      In heads up i was up against a player i doubled up sooner with KK (grr). It all started with me having 1/3 of oppononents chips. After some hands he called my all-in with KT on board xxT with 9T and we were soon even in chips. But then i hit my series of 7-high cards and couldnt do anything for more then 10 hands. I was down to 1/3 of his stack again. He pushes all-in with K8 and i called with 22 (he slowplayed very strong hands before) and board comes QTxQT. Again i lose heads up with small pair (watch first post in this thread). Prize for 2nd place was 748$.

      P.S.: Puschkin81 - since i was already interviewed once and i wrote such a long post i hope we can skip it this time :tongue:
    • Puschkin81
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      Well done! Congratulations!

      Concerning the interview: :D Sure....no problem!

      I also know these KK vs. Ax situations....I never hit that damn ace when I need it....but if I have kings....oh well. But that's definitely a subjective perspective and against all odds. I hope you keep posting here. It has been a while since your last post ;)

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Yoghi
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      Congratulations to your family for having food again. Mine is still having a hard time because I can't seem to win :(
    • zibbygt
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      Dont have a family :)
    • WarGawd
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      I have 5 kids including a set of triplets-can you feed some of them too??? ;)

    • Werdna
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      Lost my family in a poker game the other day... :(
    • sismis
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      You have to learn your family to get some food only twice a year and stockpile the fat in rest of the season.
    • mashmash
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      Well done sismis, maybe a little unlucky on that last hand but any 2 he had may have brought the same result. Glad you can all eat again, stockpile that fat!
    • Classical
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      "Daddy, daddy, please don't fold those suited connectors! I'm so hungry!"
    • hippycritt0420
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      wow.. what can i say cept those are somw huge winnings and i can't wait to be playing at that level congrats on the finish's