finding positives during my worst downswing

    • DjAdolfMixer
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      Last 85 sngs on stars i have finished 3/85 games itm,2 of those were min placings.On ipoker over the last 3 months down roughly 60 bis,to be fair i felt that was to be expected after a such sick run.

      Kind of glad this poor run didnt happen like a year,no doubt my computer would be out the window in a thousand pieces.

      Generally im fairly happy by the way that i played,just those end game allins were killing that is the nature of sng i guess.

      Decided to cashout and move on,with my 20+ hours that i spent playing poker might take up sports again.Left $150 on my account to play the odd deepstack tournament,any good recommendations no matter what the site around $10 - $20 ranged would be appreciated.

      Later yall
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