Well, I decided to start this blog so I could keep better track of my game, and to share/discuss hands and sessions with people willing to read and comment them, helping me to become a better poker player.

A brief background:

I'm a brazilian med student, with some ambigous professional aspirations: I wanna be a fone surgeon, and a poker shark! I'm posting here at the english forum because I think there's more people here than at the portuguese one, and I want lots of comments on my sessions reviews so I can improve my game.

I started playing poker for real cash late september, and haven't had any impressive results since then. With my initial capital of $50 and the 100% deposit bonus on fulltilt, having a BR of ~$110 isn't impressing at all.

The thing is: I only played poker in my (short) freetime, because college takes most of my time. Now, I started keeping track of my hands using the PS Elephant, and i'm discovering a whole new world of possibilities. I think that 2 weeks from now my game went from E to my C, and can improve much more. I'm currently playing nl10 FR SSS, 8-10 tables.

I'm in kinda of a rush now, but soon enough i'll post my 10/12 1k hands session.