tempt to Sit&Go heads up

    • ddudolivocal
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      Hi guys,
      I just want to share my experience with you
      At the beginning of today I kept on losing as badluck on 0.05/0.10 limit
      so I decided to deposit $300 bucks and raised to 0.10/0.25 limit
      And i earned $70, It was pretty cool
      But my nightmare had started when I discovered the super turbo head up
      It's so tempting me and I started to play that game..
      Consequence? Eventually I lost $500 today
      At the first time I was earning more than $200
      But from the time that i started to lose It's going down continuosly
      Now I feel so terrible
      Who has the experience like me?
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    • SalamiandCheese
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      I lost a few hundred (300-500?) playing roulette. I stopped that i April. :f_biggrin: But I always stick to brm in poker however, always. I would say just say away from the super turbo's since I'm fine away from ipoker sites with the side casino and maybe if u get away from the problem game you'll be fine too, but you've had problems with regular games. If u can't stick to a brm then u should just stop b4 u lose your roll plus some u might not be able to afford. There's more cases like yours on this forum for sure but they're probably too chicken to say anything.

    • Tim64
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      Was the $300 your own money or part of your poker bankroll that you built up from before?
    • THeGaME23
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      Yeah they are nothing but bad news. If you play them and your ahead.. just stop.
    • ksh198
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      yeah but not like that. I maybe lost some hundreds but I kept playing these ST MTTS but now I removed it from the filter(or added?) so now I dont feel tempted anymore!