[NL20-NL50] Starnge play..couldn't fold

    • Zemnieks11
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      ** Dealing cards to Zemnieks007: Qd, Qs
      tdusr01 folded
      Starfushe folded
      BTL called - €0.20
      casinopostmaster called - €0.20
      Muhhakkel folded
      frecasayre06 folded
      Oskarbi folded
      Zemnieks007 raised to €1.20
      dangergirl folded
      Noob194 called - €1.20
      BTL folded
      casinopostmaster folded

      ** Dealing the flop: 4d, 3c, 2d
      Noob194 bet - €0.20
      Zemnieks007 raised to €1.40
      Noob194 called - €1.40

      ** Dealing the turn: Ah
      Noob194 checked
      Zemnieks007 bet - €0.20
      Noob194 raised to €0.40
      Zemnieks007 called - €0.40

      ** Dealing the river: Qc
      Noob194 went all-in - €12.65
      Zemnieks007 called - €12.65
      Noob194 shows: 5s, 2s
      Zemnieks007 mucks: Qd, Qs
      Noob194 wins €30.21 from the main pot

      Just couldnt fold the rivered set ..but yeah only 5 beats me..but the guy called 1,2 eur bet with 52s a folding hand out of pos....just could fold but would you all could fold this one?
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    • Kaitz20
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      please convert your hand next time
      flop is played well.
      I´d check back turn, since don´t think too many worse hands would call you and if you bet then you likely don´t want to call all-in
      I´d also call river, since he can shove there worse hands or bluffs