I think it might even be my first post, which is also partially why I ended up in the situation in the first place, considering my take on hand evaluation has been "Ah, I certainly need to post this hand, maybe later...". Which has been lazy and stupid on my part.

Anyways, started out with the 30 USD deposit in Full Tilt after not having played poker for ages, the stupidest part was not doing it through PokerStrategy.

But either way, after some good games and tons of bad ones (I get overly confident when on heater so I end up thinking I can win every hand with 23)

So I'm down to 3 USD thanks to messing about and forcing myself to play on days when I'm either too tilted, drunk or stupid to play properly.
Today I felt good and hadn't played for several days, so I thought I may as well at least try to avoid grinding and registered myself to two 1 USD Sit n' go's.
1 game with 9 players and the other with 18.
Started off slow, but played very tight.
First won the 9 player game, which was really tough in the end with the last 3 of us going agressively back and forth.
Then on the 18 player game I was in the final 9, with average stack. After a few agressive ones battled each other out I found it be very easy to read players and won about 75% of the hands I went into. The other 25% I threw away as soon as I knew I was beat or got into a cheap showndown (highest card?)

Funny thing is today I forgot to even use the tracking software (ahhh, so when I do bad or average I have a record of it, but when I do well there's no proof, now the woman thinks I made a deposit)

Anyways, I loved the two games I played, sometimes it feels like you just make the exact correct decisions. I took down 3 other players pretty much in a row without giving any larger pots to any other guys. So I was in the final 3 with over 20000 chips and the blinds were 200/400 I think, while the rest had smaller stacks.

Another funny thing is that I didn't even feel losing about 6000 chips to the other final guy with me (normally it gets me more careful, thus I miss out on hands I should play)

To top it off I just need to post my final hand later, but basically I tried to take his 500 chip BB with A3 reraise and went all in with 12000 chips in the pot, he had AQ and I ended up winning with a pair of threes. That's how well it went today (just last week I could have sworn I lost every hand to one higher kicker, or higher full house, or higher flush or higher straight...)

Either way, I felt like sharing. Not all is lost when you act like an idiot and go nearly broke. Now I'm at 12 or 13 USD I think and will do a bit more poker after work to see if I can keep the cool.