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Can play, but over all, losing player!

    • rcon101
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 12
      Hi all.

      I play a lot of online poker, but I'm a losing player. I'll get on a heater, spin a SS of $30 into $200 and blow it all with the 2nd nuts then play loose in the 3 SnGs I've got going and drop $50 (1/4 bankroll) in 5 min. Need to learn to walk when I take a beat.

      Been a member here for a year or so, but haven't really delved too much into the forums. This will be changing! For too long this incredible resource has just sat here whilst I churn my BR over and over without ever growing it.

      I can play ok when the mood strikes me as is evidenced by some good results here and there, but my play is horribly, *horribly* marred by this compulsion to call when I know, with out a doubt in the world, that I am behind - this puts me in a state almost like a soft version of tilt. I'll then pay too much for a draw, I won't lay down QQ to a 4 or 5 bet from an EP raiser - very marginal stuff, but enough to undo hours of hard grinding.

      I've been meaning to actually get in here and start writing up some of my experiences to try and bring some accountability to my play - not so much BRM (I seriously can't play micro stakes), but I'm going to write out some rules for my play between xmas and new year (have a few days off), but more so I'm forced to face just how much $$ I throw away with my slack play. If I was only playing micro stakes, this wouldn't be a prob throwing away a couple of BIs here and there, but I like to play for stakes that matter to me, so I mostly play $10+ MTTs and SnGs (NLHE) or PLO25+, 6-max (sometimes SS PLO100 :D ).

      I find I play much tighter, and with less soft calls when I play higher stakes - not a good enough excuse, but ..... I'll live with it!

      In addition to writing up some experiences throughout the forum (is there a place for chumps/fish to write up this sort of thing?), I'm going to start studying some more advanced PLO strategies/

      I plan on rolling myself $300 for the period between xmas and ny, and stick to $5 SnG's, $10MTTs and PLO25. I'm going to get my Elephant software sorted, and keep records for each session - this could be confronting, and hopefully educational.
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    • GrantJennings
      Joined: 31.07.2008 Posts: 232
      Dude, total props for re-evaluating your game.

      I was a yoyo player, before I settled into marginal profitability with the help of the hand evaluation forums and a little study. There's lots of great stuff here, and I hope you can find the right mix to become solidly profitable!

      Good grinding at the tables