Question about existing account

    • ClownTackler
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      Hello everybody,

      I'm new to pokerstrategy service and i really like what i saw here for this short period. I passed the quiz, registered an account on PartyPoker... got a request to send a copy of my ID... so, for now, everything is working OK.

      But, while I was investigating the PokerStrategy... i noticed that, in my profile settings, i have an option to link my existing PokerStars account with PokerStrategy too... so i did it.

      Will the VPPs that i make on PokerStars generete some PokerStrategyPoints from now on, or it only counts when i play on PartyPoker. Or, what do i get now when i linked my PokerStars account with this service too.

      If someone of you experienced guys know the answer, i would really appreciate if you write it down here.

      Thanks in advance. :)
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