[NL20-NL50] AJ suited vs AQ

    • Sebby07
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      Hey! I wanted to know If there was a way to overseen this.

      I had AJ hearts
      He had AQu

      Flop: 45 diamonds A

      Pot: 4$

      I bet 2.5$ ( Taught he might have a flush draw)
      He calls.

      Pot: 9$
      Turn: Nothing important

      I bet 7$
      He staid a lot to think. Now i was sure he had a flush draw. He called.

      River: Q. I would have lost even if this hadn't appeared. I went all in 10$. He called.

      When should have I stopped betting?
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    • Kaitz20
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      flop and turn bets are fine
      You can check back river with AJ, since he sometimes have AQ/AK and would call you down or if he holds flushdraw then he might fold anyway. Not sure how often he holds worse Ax hands that you´re get value if you shove

      With AQ+ I´d likely shove river, since then he can also hold AJ that would call river shove