Getting to the final table

    • dajebizio
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      Dear all,

      first of all Hi, as this is my first post!

      I have been playing small stakes poker for a while now, and quite confidently crush sitn'go's and cash games at this level. Recently I have moved to playing micro MTT with very large fields (2-3000+ people), mostly Turbo because I simply do not have the time to play for 9hours at the moment (although I know this is a bit more luck-involving).
      Anyways, I can say that I confidently make the money most of the time, and often reach the top 100 (if not even top 50). However, although I often come really close, I have yet to make a final table! This is really frustrating because the real money is there, and I still haven't reached it. I was wondering if anyone had some advice, strategy, or book to suggest in order to hike up the game and move from the top 5% of the field to that damned final table?

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    • ksh198
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      I liked your post which is not often lol I made pretty many final tables and I used two different styles after I reached the money.

      It depends alot on your stack aswell though. Anyway I tell you my styles.

      Either I losen up alot, gamble alot, if I find any fold eq with draws I will probably reraise allin unless it's vs a big stack. Then checkcall check call is betteR I think unless you got a good read on him. Do this until you get a big stack where you can know you can reach the final table pretty easily. Then you don't need to gamble anymore.

      2:nd which I used when my bankroll was small was I cared alot about the money steps. I would play tight until I just reached a new money level and then if my stack was bad I would try double up.

      I think most important is don't be afraid to lose. If you got 99 and BU raise dont just call to see if you get a nice flop, same with AQ and so on.

      Good luck.
    • AussieIan
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      Download the ICM trainer program and get plenty of practice there. In the stages you're talking about it's generally push-fold, especially in the turbos so the better you go are with that the better you'll do
    • dajebizio
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      thanks a lot for your replies. Bankroll is not a problem since I'm playing micro-stake MTT's for now so I have sufficient buy-ins available. What I tend to do is get to the bubble with average, or double the average chips. Then once the bubble bursts I tighten up a little because a lot of people don't seem to care anymore and push any 2 cards (that said, if I have a decent hand I will call/push because I know people play much looser at this point). after a while when the field gets down to less than 100 players the maniac craze finishes and people start playing 'normally' again. at this point I usually still have average (or double) stack, but then I often end up out somehow... does anyone see anything wrong in my logic of playing selectively after the bubble bursts?

      Also, I have done the lessons on the ICM trainer light and this was quite interesting, hopefully helped. Does anyone use a specific ICM calculator when faced with tough decisions?

    • Moonwolf52000
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      what you are doing right after the bubble burst is quite good actually,it depends on your goals when the bubble burst if you want to win and only win then take risk with your ak-a10, kq-k10, qj-q10 and your suited connecters

      As well it depends when you're winning your big pots do you win more pre-flop compared to post flop ? pre-flop it's more a fctor of chance whereas post flop skills comes more into play... speaking in general of course.

      with those kind of field, you need either a lot of luck and no skill to reach a final table or skills and a little luck

      so read the articles and adapt yourself to your opponents make them play your game and one day you'll en up at the WSOP final table and we'll all be rooting for you :)

      hope that helps