Omaha 8

    • peche025
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      I was wondering if many people play this game? I was having a look on FT and it seems crazy, you can have, FL, NL or PL! I'm guessing that means three different strategies.....

      Some strategy articles on the subject would be great.
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    • MP89EST
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      It is really fun game, I hope we could get some vids on these games for english community i´ve noticed them on other communitys. If you want to learn O8 then there are some books on this topic: Pot-Limit Omaha8 by Dan Pepper, Jeff Hwangs Pot-Limit Omaha book has 2 sections covering FlO8 and PLO8, Omaha poker by Bob Ciaffone and Ray Zee Advanced Omaha Eight or better/Stud Eight or better(One book).

      There is a strategy site what i found quite useful in the beginning:
      It has really good omaha8 context.

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    • Pokstaz
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      I also play. I've read Dan Deppen's book PLO8 Revealed. The game is soft, and it's easy money unless you tilt a lot :P