[NL20-NL50] AA nl25 sh in 3-bet pot

    • tezapl
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      Villain is 49/41/17 and is 3-beting 16%. His cbet is 71%(21 hands) and cbet turn 50% (8 hands). How get the most value from him. Slowplay aces on this a little scary board or shove?

      Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (5 handed) - Party-Poker Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

      Button ($8.99)
      SB ($29.64)
      BB ($49.02)
      UTG ($21.47)
      Hero (MP) ($23.89)

      Preflop: Hero is MP with A:heart: , A:spade:
      1 fold, Hero bets $0.87, 2 folds, BB raises $2.74, Hero calls $2.12

      Flop: ($6.10) 3:heart: , 8:heart: , J:diamond: (2 players)
      BB bets $4.75, Hero ??

      Total pot: $15.60
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    • fakedurrr
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      u may call here because u have position on him and if he bets on turn, surely push over the top even if the hearth comes, u still have redraw and flushes are lsslikely in 3bet pots
      but raise wouldt be bad as well and he MAY represent it as bluff or will stack off with TT+ Jx hands or if he as a FD as well
    • Kaitz20
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      raise flop to 10-11$ and call shove. Board is too scary to slowplay and you can easily be outdrawed. Also he would get all-in anyway his Jx hands, draws, maybe even TT/99
      if board was dry then you can call flop, shove turn or if you think he is going 3 street bluff then just call him down