i am a gambler baby, why dont you kill me

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      I just want to express my fellings and to warn other PS fellows on something what happend to me in Friday..

      I had a normal or more then normal downswing 15BI on NL100 and NL200 playing SSS. I am also playing some BSS but only up to NL50...Then i spoted some fishes on NL200 and i went hunting them playing BSS, but then i become a fish :f_confused: ..as some reg (which is normal player according my stats, with no special moves) slowplayed me with monster and i lost.... :f_cry: :f_eek: ...The point of this story is:

      - do not ever play above your expectations, this is so called GAMBLING.
      - do not ever try to get your money back on the short term, this is so called TILTING...

      ..but what i am saying...i admit...I WAS ON TILT!!

      OK, now i am done, fells much better :) :) :tongue:
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