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    • opal99
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      hi Irooz;

      let's take it one by one:

      Originally posted by Irooz
      I've put my currency in as £gbp and noticed alot of tables are in euros, if I was to join a euro or dollar table would I face any problems like losing cash in currency conversion/pay fees or anything? :f_p:
      There's no fee when buy-in/out the tables - there's fixed exchange rate for both transactions, so it's ok.

      Originally posted by Irooz
      What is the rake at the Micro & low stakes HU PLO tables?
      No idea. I've never played it, but the rake on micro/low FL is extremly/very high, but it's the same almost everywhere on these stakes. Feel free to share your experience with us, once you try it on iPoker ;) I'll make a sticky thread about how many points you get per 100 hands and what the rake is, once there'll be some active players who will share such info with us.

      Originally posted by Irooz
      iPoker themes tilt me hard, but betfred theme is decent enough I guess :f_p: Is it possible to change the theme? If not, are there any upcoming changes to add table themes?
      Yeah, this skin is more userfrinedly imo too. I don't know of any planned update which will allow you to change the themes, but there're some skinning programs that do it. The best one is MiniMaxMod, but it's not for free..

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Irooz
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