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Can you comment my play?

    • Nazzor
      Joined: 21.06.2008 Posts: 46
      Well I'm learning how to play SnG, and I thought to myself what would be best way to learn, than to post hands/videos of my own play.

      So I did, I did one SnG and I recorded/uploaded it on my screencast profile.
      It's long (55min), but here I'll just name the hands I'm mostly interested in your opinion and I'll put time stamp next to it. If you want to watch the whole thing you're more than welcome! :)


      1. 88o - 15:56
      2. A4o - 18:55 (I know I shouldn't bet, but I felt weakness lol)
      3. TTo - 26:00 - Really have no clue why I haven't called that, guess I wanted not to risk, but I think I should defiantly called it now..
      4. KQo - 27:45 (I called the bet on the river, doh)
      5. A8o - 50:14 (Is this solid hand to raise all-in in the buble, if players are tight?)

      Link to SnG 01

      Thank you,
      Hopefully this will improve my play by a lot (I know I've made a lot of mistakes)
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    • HarveyFP
      Joined: 29.10.2009 Posts: 42
      it wont let you fast forward ? -
    • Nazzor
      Joined: 21.06.2008 Posts: 46
      Well it will let you, but only if you let it load 100%..

      Thanks for trying to help, but it's complicated to go this way (with videos) I'll just post my hands in text method..

    • nibbana
      Joined: 04.12.2009 Posts: 1,186
      First up - Disclaimer - I am still learning a lot about the game and am only offering my insights as no-one else has done so... Not everything I say may be correct, only the way I would play it

      1. 88 - call preflop is fine - bet on flop is fine (maybe even check) - turn bet is ok (maybe a little less) - river bet is far too much, this move may work on some weaker players with an Ace but really you want to bet around 50% of the pot for value.

      2. A4o - His bet on the end is exactly the kind of bet you should have been making with your quads !! You felt obliged to call right ? If anything you could've bet the turn for a little more, if you think it's the best hand then you're betting for protection, a bet of 80 into 180 pot isn't really going to put any draws off. As it happens this type of player may have called any bet and it could've cost you more. With bottom pair I think you could play it... check all streets and then call a small bet on the end. This way the pot is never big enough for a made hand to put in a big bet at the end and you can pick up a few pots to a player who is betting with ATC purely because it was checked to him 3 times.

      3. TT - with only 15BB's I think that this is a fold. Though with 8 people left and you 2nd to act this makes you effectively middle position and by the Hand Charts you should raise this up to 400. You got away from the hand when someone raised so it's not too bad, bearing in mind his stats were 12VPIP/8PFR you can trust that he is raising you with a good hand here. Whichever you think is better this is NOT a flat call, when you're down to 15BB's you should be FOLDING or RAISING.

      4. KQo I think that you must realise that this is a mistake, if you both check it to the third player and HE makes this bet then you may be able to justify a call if you have great reads and many hands on the bettor, unfortunately this play is really bad as you haven't considered the possibility that even if your K-high is good enough to beat the bettor, the guy behind you could raise.

      5. A8o there's not much wrong with this hand in particular I don't think considering folding leaves you with only 2BB's, you'd have to run it through SNGWizard though to make sure. I would ask yourself more questions about the play that lead you to having this short stack though. For example in the hand a few before
      A6s (47:25), I know you won this hand but the correct play would be to have gone allin preflop to someone limping in on your BB. You have to ask yourself what would you have done if the Ace doesn't come on the flop ?
      QKo (39:59) That's a push for my money

      I'm sure there are more examples but it's pointless me stating them as they may not be incorrect and the best way to evaluate your play is using SNG Wizard for the late stages.

      Sorry if these have already been answered in the text hand posting thread