Step-By-Step instructions

    • CheeKeh
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      Would one of the staff like to put it in writing for me how to signup? I found it complicated when i signed up because of not leading me to the right place where i add all my info.. and also wasnt very clear that i may have to provide photo-ID verification ..

      Also if you could create the signup page so that it has a [Upload Image] link on it for their photo-ID .. just incase they want to upload it to be sure that they can get their $50 starting money without majorly long waiting times..

      I want this because i feel that with an easy step by step guide to signing up i could get a lot of refferals without being made to look stupid by not being able to answer all of the questions that i may get asked in the process of advertising.. lol

      Well anyway im off to hit the tables..

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