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Ring games vs tournaments

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      I have ben playing poker for about 3 years now. Lost tons of money in the beggining, of course. (Tenfolded my initial deposit, and lost everything I put in thereafter). Now, I have figured out what my most costly mistakes have been, and I have fixed most, if not all of them.

      Now to the point. After improving my game, I have slowly, but steadily been recovering parts of my lost money, by playing MTT's and SnG's. But whenever I for some stupid reason sit down in a ring-game, nothing good comes out of it. Yet I have managed to get my ROI from tournaments from -60%, or so, to about -26% within a few months. And I am not talking about very small sums.

      It does seem a bit strange to me, that I lose only slightly less in ring games, but win a lot more in tourmanets, as compared to those times, when I basically did not know how to play at all.

      Or is it supposed to be that way?
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    • ShaneP
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 7
      I have experienced the very same as you buddy, i will play SNG & MTT's alday then play a few ring games then my profit just goes.

      I would say change you strategy around when coming from MTT's to very tight just so you get the ring game realing back.

      thats just my opinion.

      Gl at the tables buddy!
    • CrippledMind
      Joined: 22.11.2009 Posts: 11
      After reading a few books my tournament results improved greatly, while in cash games I lose much less than I used to, but still don't think making as much profit as would be desiribale. I reckon if you are still losing money than you obviously haven't eliminated all your mistakes. Some of mine are bluffing when there is a very little chance of my opponet folding a hand and calling all-ins on the river after fuguring out that my straight/flush/full house is no good, but then talking my self into calling anyway. I think the reason we do better in tournaments is beacuse we fold good, but second best hands more for the fear of being knocked out when we think we're beat. Whereas in cashgames you can always rebuy if you are wrong and make a bad call on the river, making your game more reckless.
    • Joronamo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 649
      Stick to one type of game and master it. I doubt you have fixed all your mistakes. Stick with SNGs and MTTs and forget about ring games. Ring games are a completly different ball game and requires different skills. You need to get out of this mind frame that your cardroom is an amusement park and you want a taste of all the different rides.

      Scenario: Damn i bought into 4 SNGs and didnt cash once, I might as well go play a NL50 cash game with 30BB and try and win back my $6 back. Oh damn, I lost $30 now I am on tilt, now Im going to shove my bankroll on the table play really tight and wait for the goods and double up. Damn my KK got cracked by AK on the river Im broke, going to have to redeposit and ruin all my hard work from the last 6 months...sound familiar?

      Again, get out of this theme park mind frame, and learn to grind at what your good at. If its SNGs, play 30 a day, become a winning player and climb the limits, that how you play online poker.

      Hope this helps.
    • Hackett77
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 372
      well i play predomintantly cash games, with a win rate of c. 3BB/100 and very rarely tournaments but do have a ROI of 60% (albeit only 600 games) so i do know a bit and i tell know you can tell a tourney player a mile off at a ring game cos they all make the same plays and mistakes, the 2 biggest are:

      1) Goin all in with AK. Why would u do this in a cash game? in a tournament when blinds are high yes its a good bluffinf hand with some backup if u get called but thats exactly what it is, a bluff.

      In a cash game its almost never right to go all in with AK unless ur up against some crazt maniac and even then its still a gamble that really isnt generally worth taking. The idea of cash games is to make the most of small edges and get ur money in good but with AK you an underdog to any pair and only beating AJ or AQ which any decent player wont be getting in preflop.

      I see so many players get ak and raise and re raise all in for 100bbs? you have to know that the only hand that will call this is a pair and your not the favorite so the edge is with the oppenent.

      THe same goes with QQ, if u manage to get all yoru money in preflop with QQ it usually means your in trouble.

      THese hands are great in tournaments to steal blinds with when your short but not a hand to push preflop in cash

      2) going to far with TPTK/Overpair, this again is standard in a tournament because most of the time you have the best hand as your oppenants are playing a smaller range of hands. In a cash game you have TPTK/Overpair and yoru villian is raising and reraising you on the flop it usually means your beat, cash players play a wider range of hands and you have to more vigilant agaisnt sets and 2 pairs which are much more commone than in tourneys, learn to fold these hands to pressure in a cash game (again v fish and maniacs these are the nuts, agsint good players ther usually 2nd best)

      there is no rush, the blinds arent going up so wait for a better opportunity to get your money in. And i dont think there is any need to be taking preflop coinflips in a cash game. Be paitent.

      hope this helps?
    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,120
      IMO, cash games are the best. You can sit down and leave when you want meaning your not tighed to your computer for hour. If you happen to have a rakeback tracker well i expect you'd probablly produce more rake playing cash games. I think cash games is real poker, where you put your own money on the line with every dessision you make. Also varriance isnt as bad as it is in S&G or MTT (Unless ofcourse your playing HU Cash).

      Back to your post...Dont expect just because your good at either S&G or Cash game you'll be as good as the other. They both require diffrent skill to be succesful at. One is all about maximixing EV. The other is all about survival. Cash game you have you play any situation with +EV If that means you lose your stack, you lose your stack, theres always a reload button ;) S&G or MTT though when you lose your stack your out. So you have to be more selective about your hands and situations that you play. You'll be making some tight folds aswell. I hope you are starting to see the diffrence between the 2 and why there not the same?