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    • orcwarhero
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      Sorry to be a bother.

      I had a question that I can't find an answer for in the forum. I am still deciding on which site to use the $50 startup but I would like to download a couple of different clients to see how I like them. I would of course be only doing play money, but I have seen that it can cause problems if you already have an account and want to open a new one (or get a promo for the one you have).

      1.With the PS starting capital and tracking, does it matter if you ALREADY have or HAVE HAD a play money account on a site.

      I have looked over the only forum thread I could find but it's not very clear.

      Site retracking

      And when I look at the Bonus site, it seems to PRIMARILY deal with Real Money accounts.


      From my understanding ONLY Inter and Everest allow one to have a previous play money account and still be tracked. I just want to be 100% sure how everything works.

      My concern is due to the fact that over the summer I opened up a play money account with Full Tilt to try online poker, and I ended up cashing in some freerolls and then winning in some ring games. Afterwards I discovered that one could get rakebacks but I found out that I had disqualified myself by having an existing account (AND WINNING) even tho I had never deposited any of my own money nor provided any of my own details (until much later).

      As you can see I don't want to make the same mistake again with any future promos and although I realize I cannot be tracked on my FT account, I hope that I can open a play money account with a couple of sites and not affect future tracking.

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    • Waiboy
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      Hi orcwarhero

      You can just sign up for real money accounts using the PS.com bonus codes and not deposit. You will be tracked and will be able to use the play money accounts. Make sure you follow the instructions as listed in the poker rooms page of the PS.com website.

      The only note of caution there is that there are restrictions on how long you have to make a first deposit on the site before that opportunity lapses (eg if you don't deposit within 6 months, you can no longer get the first deposit bonus). So if you go this route make sure you know how long you have before the time lapses (this should be on the poker rooms websites, or could be obtained by contacting the poker room's support prior to downloading the software).

      Trust this helps.
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      Hello orcwarhero,

      Welcome to PoekrStrategy and the Forums!

      To receive the capital you do not have to deposit, therefore making a real money account. Most of the time to make an account a "real money" account all you need to do is enter all the personal details required.

      If you have previous play money accounts and didnt use a PokerStrategy code when creating them, then you can contact the poker rooms support and ask if they can retrack the account. However this is becoming an increasingly uncommen occurence.

      To use the bonus codes found in the link provided all you have to do is make accounts at the site with the instructions provided. Then you have to follow all steps that concern the actual bonus. To get it tracked to PokerStrategy just make sure you followed all account creation steps and then enter your account name/username on your profile.

      Hope this helps, dont be afraid to come back with any other queries you have.

      Good luck and best regards,

    • orcwarhero
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      Thanx for the replies.

      Regarding your points Wailboy, I am still a bit leery of creating real money accounts in the off chance that I want to use an affiliate bonus. I have seen that some bonuses will not work if one has a real money account at a site already. If I open a real money account and don't use the PS Bonus it may negate me using a bonus at another site.

      So for example, and I don't mean to cause a conflict with affiliates so I will generalize here if I were to open a real money account using a PS bonus code, I would not be able to use a no deposit bonus from another site. I know this may seem strange to most, but I don't have a card and I have never used e banking so the only way I have funded accounts has been through a no deposit bonus (Party) a no strings attached bonus (770) and through freerolls (Tilt). I have NO IDEA how I will remove funds at this time, but since I have BARELY cracked $100 in all three, I am not too concerned about it atm...lol

      Therefore if I open a Titan account using a PS Bonus I can't fund it using another affiliates no deposit bonus.

      Regarding your point kingdippy2008

      "If you have previous play money accounts and didn't use a PokerStrategy code when creating them, then you can contact the poker rooms support and ask if they can retrack the account. However this is becoming an increasingly uncommen occurence."

      This was my main concern. It seems that poker sites only allow ONE account and it doesn't matter if its play money or not. That's why I asked my question, I wasn't sure whether the conflict was at the affiliate end (PS) or the Client end (Poker room). You hve cleared that up for me. Basically it means I should not open a play account at a site that I hope to use a Bonus at in the future.

      It's kinda sad in a way because I really like the Tilt client compared to the Party one for example, but there is NO WAY for me to get rakeback deal because I made the account before I knew such deals existed. This is why I am trying to be cautious regarding future accounts.

      I suppose my Party and Tilt accounts can't be tracked by PS because I didn't use your bonus code to open them up, which is fair enough, but I want to make sure I pick the right room to play with before using my starting capital.

      I was leaning toward Cake because of there rakeback which I feel will be beneficial in the future if I ever start to make REAL money, but the traffic there seems so LIGHT compared to what I am used to. I suppose Stars would be the logical choice but I am still researching, and as I guess I won't be downloading the clients to try them out personally I will just have to continue relying on the word of mouth info I can get from the different forums.

      I would like to get it done soon tho, as I have learned so beneficial things from your website just being a Basic member and I no doubt will GREATLY be able to improve my game once I can get into some of the higher level articles.

      Anyway thanks so much for your feedback. I look forward to checking out some more articles at the next level :)