How to win a SnG with 1,15BB in 8 steps

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    • GunFlavoured
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      Wow I wouldn't mind a bit of luck like that...
    • extpan
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      weird that is on fulltilt,is to typical for pokerstars :D
    • cojonel
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      hmm nothing so special ... just sng ....imagine that one of my fried with me near him in an internet cafe during our classes :D it was to in the morning to go to clases btw back .... playing a 2 $ + fee tournament remaing with 20 cips at blinds 50/100 ....yes as i wrote just 20 cips :D 0.2 BB.... btw he finished second for about 190$ with a field of 5xx peoples .....that was really a donkament after some 2 other hands ! let me explain :

      first he have 99 with a stack of 10 k :-s blinds 250/500 + ante...
      he raise 2 callers
      10 q j bet he push the other one call and the one who bet call ...30k....he has just a runner runner flush cause one has set and the other one nuts Ak :D ...that was funny his runner runner flush draw won :O OO

      after another hour BB with k 10 after a raise hardly decided to call .....flop k 10 j heart finally it goes all in 3 way Aq clubs One AK with ace o was so sick cause another 10 entered the river.....That was the sickest tournament that i ever see in my "poker career " :) )) !!!

      i know u had an achee i dont know how to write ....your head after this sick english goes around :D ! thats my best me after u win a tournament after 0.2 blinds with a field bigger thgan 550+ ppls :D ! !good luck ! i dont have the history cause i was in an internet caffe and that was about 1 month ago ! byee i can prouve with the tournament id from sharkscope if u dont trust me ! :P good luck