Second capital 100$ first deposit

    • zeiduks123
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      I have received this email, cleared 50$ bonus and now i am looking forward to making first deposit and ofcourse receive the bonus! So i was wondering, how do i get the bonus? Do i have to simply make a deposit of 100 dollars max and will i receive the same amount as a bonus or do i have to write down the bonus code somwhere? How does actually this work?

      Thank you.

      "You have been a member of for some time now and are already an experienced poker player. You have therefore been chosen to form part of an exclusive 'test group' that will receive a second starting capital of $50 at PartyPoker.
      This second $50 has no strings attached, meaning that you don't need to make a deposit or pass an additional quiz.

      Further, you have an 100% up to $100 first deposit bonus waiting for you."
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    • Mrt1989
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      IF you deposit 100$ u will get 100$ bonus but you have to collect partypoints and the payment will be like in pieces. Maybe like 25$ at a time when u get 125 partypoints. Some who knows better may clear this up :)
    • ironmask92
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      Theres no need to make a deposit for the $100 bonus. Once you clear the $50 bonus, the $100 bonus will be offered to you but will only be released in increments of $25 for every 150 partypoints. So you will need a total of 600 points to get the full $100. Its posted on the beginners forum.
    • slemo69
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      No, you need to deposit , ask costumer service.
    • caper78
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      I just had a similar problem. I cleared the initial $50 and was only offered a $100 first deposit bonus. When I asked PartyPoker customer support they told me that this is the second ps bonus. So I do have to make a deposit?
    • flopraiser
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      PP must have changed ther policy as 12 months ago when I cleared my $50 they offered me the second $100 no deposit bonus that I needed to claim, released as ironmask92 states.

      Maybe contact poker strategy support to try and help clarify their deal with PP
    • zeiduks123
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      Yeah , i made a deposit of 100 dollars and i received a 100 dollar bonus in couple of days.

      So basically, if i understand right. Based on the deposit amount, you get the same amount as bonus, i e you deposit 45 dollars -> you get 45 dollars as bonus, which you clear collecting certain amount of FPPS.