TILT is a good thing, sometimes :)

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      Hi, everybody... i just want to spend some time while importing a lot of hands into my elephant prog, so I'll tell you what happened recently... :) (and sorry for my bad englis)

      I was playing different kind of games for a long time on pokerstars... and i was a succesful player. Last month i fall under a very big downswing. It was a disaster... i couldn't win anything... i was losing all the time whatever i played and whatever i do. I simply couldn't have a winning hand.

      Then i decided to try on some other site too. I found pokerstrategy... passed the quiz and got staked at partypoker with 50$.

      - OK, let's go! - i told to myself. I started three $0.10/0.20 limit tables... and, the same story again. I lost AA vs A2, AA vs J9o, AA vs 82o, KK vs K8o... In few hours i was down for $20. :f_eek:

      I was really tilted... so tilted... and i did a very stupid thing. I started an 6$ 1k gtd MTT... which was almost 20% of the bankroll i had left.

      When the tournament started... i noticed something that made me laughing really loud :) . That tournament was a PL tournament, and i never played a PL tournament in my life. :)

      But... at the end, i did really great, finished 6th... and got my bankroll up to 90$. Who would say that something like that is possible after all those bad beats.

      And, for now, that after that tournament, everything's back in normal... today i even managed to end a really good FL session on pokerstars too. :)

      Thanks for you time... see you at the tables. :)
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