Super Turbo

    • tazn
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      Hello, I was wondering if anyone know how to play the Super Turbos profitably?
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    • SamBurton5
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      i know there are many super turbos heads up ones and tournmaent ones and to be perfectly honest you have to hit lucky, if you want to play them wait for the cards and shove with good cards and every ace.

      So basically hit lucky and never limp always shove or fold
    • tazn
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      okay, i'll try that.
      but I mean, there has to be some skill involved.
      a full tilt pro, 12-tabled super turbo turneys, 160+9$ buy-in.
    • nathanrenard
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      When you are talking about Super Turbos, we are talking about high blinds (10BB) for starters.

      You have to hit lucky, no way. If there's some skill in it, i'd recommend to try the strategy lesson about the push or fold phase.

      Don't know if it might work, but might get you more times ITM.

      I myself play them once a week just for plain fun. And the lowest one, just throwing money away. I think it's just a fake way to feel like you could build your bankroll more quickly. I'm a fan of discipline and patience.
    • lennonac
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      Obviously every form of poker is beatable, and super turbos are no exception.
      Get yourself on an icm trainer. Set it up for super turbos and get learning.

      The person saying there is no skill involved is sadly mistaken.

      But being super turbos the varience is quite bad, expect your graphs to swing up and down alot. If you are new to poker I recommend avoiding these as you can lose alot very quickly if you dont know what you are doing.

      Good luck