New Terrorblade's 0.5/1 FLSH video

    • Berkstajger
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      I decided to post my question here instead of in comments section, because it's more cosy to induce a discussion.

      I'm not sure whether I can use a direct link to video, so please any mod please delete it if it's not allowed because it's only for silver+.

      So my question is about the action at 14.18:

      BB, MP2, MP3, CO (Hero)

      Hero: QJ

      Board: T :spade: Q :heart: T :heart: Q :spade:

      BB checks, MP2 checks, MP3 bets, Hero: raises

      I'm not sure why a raise here. Hero has nuts fullhouse and board offers two flushdraws, so I would prefer a call for 2 overcalls and luckily you can get more action with any FD finishing on river and the only hand you have to protect here is straight/royal flush. For a thinking player it's an easy fold after bet and call on this board with FD, but I think fish would call one extra bet a lot of times with FD.


      EDIT: video -
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    • kennyxx
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      I think once fish decide to call one extra bet with a draw on this board, it's likely he is calling for two BBs as well.

      Anyway - I saw something simillar in one of the older videos by TB. Maybe he is just playing straightforward in silver vids?
    • TerrorBlade
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      Yay, thanks for someone making a thread to talk about it rather than posting on the video page which forces me to reload the video countless times and waste my bandwidth ;(

      I agree, calling here is the best option to hope for overcalls and raising the river. In my videos I tend to play without thinking and play rather straightforwardly, good spotting.
    • Berkstajger
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      Thanks for the reply. :)