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      Hey, guys. I decided to start my blog in a different way. I am planning to invest 150$ in my poker bank in the forthcoming days and I have several questions for you. I chose to start in full tilt because of the 100% bonus up to 600 + the 27% rake back. However I have some hesitations where to start. I have been playing in a limits from 0.01c up to 1$ cash games and tournaments with buy in up to 55$. I take my money out several months ago and I decided to start again with the poker. Now I want to ask you what do you think is more profitable to do. I have several ideas:

      1. Cash games 0.05/0.10
      2. Sit&Go's with 2.20 entry with 45 Guys
      3. 5.50$ Sit&Go's with 9-10 people
      4. Cash games 0.10/0.20

      Let me say that I have equal qualities in both cash and tournaments, so I am searching for the optimized way to increase my bankroll and in the same time to clear fast the bonus. Share your experience. (especially in Full Tilt)
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