Exclusive "Les A London Open 2010" Freeroll at Mansion Poker

    • vhallee
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      Hello everyone!

      In cooperation with Mansion Poker, we will have an exclusive freeroll this January. The first place will win a package for the Mansion Les A London Open 2010 tournament, which will take place on the 23rd and 24th of February.

      Below are the details for our exclusive freeroll:

      • Name: PokerStrategy.com Mansion Open
      • Date: 10.01.2010
      • Time: 18:00 GMT
      • Prize structure:
        - 1 x "Les A London Open 2010" tournament package
        - 10 x $30 + $3 tournament tokens

      The registration is already open and you can register until the date of the freeroll.

      The freeroll winner will receive a £4,500 Les A London Open 2010 tournament package consisting of:
      • £2,000 + £200 buy-in to the Les A event on 23 & 24 February 2010
      • £800 for 3 night’s accommodation (including breakfast and buffet dinner) at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel, 22 - 25 February 2010
      • Package winners will enjoy a free Les A membership for one year worth £1,000 (photo ID required)
      • £30 for registration fees
      • £470 for flights and spending (depending on currency exchange rates)

      Good luck everyone!
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    • Redcar100
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      Don't forget the freeroll this Sunday.
    • DevilDonk
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      Starting in 30 minutes. GL to everybody, i am predicting this will be one of the hardest freerolls ever played. :)
    • Ultifanatic
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      When did all the PS players becoming LAG donks....LOL
    • limonek
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      am i the only one who cant get on the mansion poker?
    • Ultifanatic
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      I am on and playing but here is ALOT of sitouts...
    • Tomassio123
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      Here are the results of the Exclusive "Les A London Open 2010" Freeroll at Mansion Poker.

      1 eths682 Les A Package
      2 Peanutbutters $33.00
      3 2girlz1cup $33.00
      4 xitsux $33.00
      5 BorisDron $33.00
      6 ovladac $33.00
      7 TANUWKA $33.00
      8 EgorovOleg $33.00
      9 KaterCash09 $33.00
      10 RebeccaD $33.00
      11 stefyvgb $0.00
      12 xLamitsux $0.00
      13 sorehead $0.00
      14 GolyjNaStole $0.00
      15 bac1 $0.00

      Congratulations for the winner. The winner will be contacted later today.

    • Tomassio123
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      Furthermore; there is another chance for players to qualify this Wednesday for just £11 in a £10+1 tournament with a package guaranteed to the winner and a further package for every £3,500 in the prize pool (20:00 GMT, 13th January) along with a £55 tournament on 15th January and the normal satellites and super satellites already on site.
    • Khiiniau
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      Small of-topic, but have say: Level of players in this tournament was so terrible, that it was difficult to believe that all players wer "well educated" PS-members, so fishy was the game. And the prizepool was even for a freeroll very small, only 10 from 2500 got something. If this kind of tournamnets will organized in the future the prizepool should me more reasonable, at least 10% or 5% should receive something, for example small tournamnet tokens. And autoregistering all PS-members who have Mansion account was not good idea, really lot of sit outs during 2 first hours.