88 in early pos

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      I just played a 2dollar sit& go (below my usual stakes of 5 dollar). After maybe ten hands I get 88 in 2nd position. Blinds are 10/20 (I have a 1500 stack) and I decide to raise it to 60. Two callers one in late position and one on the button flop is 247 with a flush draw. I decide to bet out 2/3 of the pot to protect my hand. First one folds, second one minraises me. I push... Thinkin 1. I don't want him to draw to a flush 2. at these stakes he might call me off with 78 or some goofy straight draw. Ofcourse the possibility of a set ran through my mind, but I must admit that I kind of decided to just go for it. He insta-called with AA. I was a bit discusted with his play pre-flop, because he didn't reraise and took the chance of seeing a flop 3-way... What do you guys think? Maybe it was way to early to be risking my whole stack in such a hand... but I thought I was probably ahead 70% of the time...

      Second hand I get AdAs I reraise a first position limper to 3BB (were playing 25BB and I was in late pos). He's my only caller and the flop comes down 37Q all hearts. He check, I bet and he pushes straight all-in... I call, shows 4h4s. Now I know his play was kamikaze and I made the right choice this time, but can you really fold in that spot to the push? with a playable stack of 15 BB left?
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